♪As we go on we remember all the times we had together…

22 09 2008

Aww… the arena.. a place of sports like figure skating, curling, ringuette and most important, hockey.

My friends are so obsessed its unbelievable. I have trouble keeping up with them. I dont want to be mean I love them but Im telling you everything comes second to hockey and hockey players, even Izy. They arent mean to me or dont care they just dont get the fact that Im not into hockey as much as them. I love going to games but going early and staring at guys from out of town doing dryland? Not my thing. They are pretty hot but I hate being obvious. I dont hate my friends for that its just so hard, I feel left out when I dont go but I feel out of place when I do. Plus, my parents hate the fact I spend the whole weekend there.

Anyway, Im just saying. Ill stop complaining now cause I have the best friends in the world.

So back to school tomorow and back to boredom land. Ughh I wanna go back to summer!!!




19 09 2008

Yay its friday!! Im going to the movies tonight with my friends to see Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2!!! omg that movie looks so good I cant wait to see it. Then this weekend Im going to 2 Flyers game which we have to film for our project. Were also going to film 3 players (Michel, Sebastien and Remi)the trainer Dave and a parent, Nicole which is Jacques mom. Our plan is not to tell him so when he sees the reportage in class hell be like WTF??? WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME???  Ill be like HA! MOuahahhaah itll be so funny I cant wait to see his face.

So we might also have a sleepover at my house. Yay cause omg the last time was after the halloween dance. Thats a long time ago Alex didnt sleepover since that time. Van came a couple times but not Alex.



hihi I made that. Its true and funny.




♪Go ahead tell me you’ll leave again, you’ll just come back running, holding your scared heart in hand…

17 09 2008

Man Im pissed right now.

First of all, we are doing completely USSLESS stuff in math right now. Like PEE ME OFF!!! On top of that, Im mad at a certain person. I wont say names but this person is a TWO-FACED BITCH!!! Worse then the other bitch I curently have a problem with. Jeesus, I hate people who dont keep promisses and act like all is ok when in the real world, they are such… AARGGHHH!!!

ok I will stop before I rip all my hair out. Im gonna do my homework so that I can go eat some cake tonigh! Its my cousins birthday so in honour Ill put a pic of me and him last christmas.






16 09 2008

Im such a bitch… well only to certain people. The people who know me good know Im just messing with them. Thats the problem with people who dont have a sense of humour.

So on with my day. I went to the arena =D. nothing else happened. Ouhh but were starting this reportage thing in french class. Me Van and Alex are doing a thing about violence in hockey so were interviewing guys from the flyers and recording their game. Should be fun. I have to be the reporter so technically, Im the only one in the group who will be shown cause Van and Alex dont want to be on camera.

Ah bin… I don t have much else to say so toodles

♪Love me cancerously…

15 09 2008

OH and we are back!

School is here and boring my days. Well chimie isnt so bad since I get to talk, same in Francais, bio is getting interesting so thats good, but math… math is boring the shit out of me!!

yah so this weekend I went to the Flyers game. It was so much fun I was really pumped up and yelling at all the guys “omg ter invalide!!!!” ehheh well mostly Marc. I dont know why I felt like I had to keep my attention on him. God he made me laugh at times. And duuude they won on saturday!! But lost on sunday which was very unfair. I still had fun 😀


 So Ill start posting more now that school has started. I have more to talk about in those times.


♪Cant seam to hold you like I want to, so I can feel you in my arms♪

1 09 2008


omg school is starting soon! AH!  Im actually exited, I cant wait to see everyone again.

I WENT TO THE LAKE YESTERDAY!!! I was with my dad and I stayed up late. I was alone though. I was getting bored so I took a walk ( in the dark) all the way to the beach and talked on the phone. It was… fun. Not as fun as going there with someone but meh, at least I got to talk.

So omg I just cant wait for everything to start, hockey, school, dances…. when those start Ill have more to talk about dont worry.

n eways Im off toodles.

Here, me and my sisters in Mont Tremblant. Fun trip!

♪Just Dance…

26 08 2008

hello pplz!!!!!

So you remember when I told you I was going to the arena? Well we went and it was really fun. Im a natural! Well, I skate like a girl but hey Ive been figure skating for 8 years give me a break! Anyway it was funny the whole time only one person fell once and we got it on tape!!!! Bahhahahahahah I know right??? Heres the video.

ok well it wont go on… sry! but dont worry Ill get alex over here and shell fix it for me.

So school is starting soon and I cant wait. I know it sounds weird but I need to get back to my routine and back to the drama. Its makes everyday life more fun.

I have nothing else to say so heres a photo.





Me and Van at the arena. I look like Im gonna fall.




Anyways Im out. Toodles!!