♪Go ahead tell me you’ll leave again, you’ll just come back running, holding your scared heart in hand…

17 09 2008

Man Im pissed right now.

First of all, we are doing completely USSLESS stuff in math right now. Like PEE ME OFF!!! On top of that, Im mad at a certain person. I wont say names but this person is a TWO-FACED BITCH!!! Worse then the other bitch I curently have a problem with. Jeesus, I hate people who dont keep promisses and act like all is ok when in the real world, they are such… AARGGHHH!!!

ok I will stop before I rip all my hair out. Im gonna do my homework so that I can go eat some cake tonigh! Its my cousins birthday so in honour Ill put a pic of me and him last christmas.








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